The Greek "Choice": Hand Over Sovereignty Or Take Five Year Euro "Time Out"

For those who missed today's festivities in Brussels, here is the 30,000 foot summary: Europe has given Greece a "choice": hand over sovereignty to Germany Europe or undergo a 5 year Grexit "time out", which is a polite euphemism for get the hell out.


Greek "Compromise" Proposal sent, And There May Be A Problem

During yesterdays's "marathon governmental meeting" in which Greek PM Alexis Tsipras sat down with his party to hammer out and complete the "compromise" Greek proposal to be sent to the Troika before midnight, the prime minister told his ministers that he was "ready for compromises,"
suggesting he was willing to clash with the ultra-left part of his party, Syriza.
So far so good, and perhaps indeed suggestive of a big step down. 



The main town of Corfu is one of the most interesting cities in Greece due to the heavy influence of the Venetians who for centuries controlled the island. Like the other Ionian islands Corfu was never occupied by the Turks, which gives it a charactor very different from the rest of Greece. But Corfu town has seen other influences as well including the British, the Normans, the French, and the Greeks and Romans whose ancient buildings are still in evidence in several archaeology sites and the excellent archaeological museum. 

The 10 most beautiful Greek villages


Every Greek votes for his own village as being the most beautiful of them all I am a city boy myself so this selection is i believe somewhat less prejudiced .The villages are in random order and i had to pick them out of a list of 40 or so.

Evrytania - a small Switzerland within Greece

I have been to Switzerland, a country of mountains, rivers and forests . Quite a few of the Greeks here come from the villages around the town of Karpenisi, up in the mountains of Evrytania.

Monemvasia:The Gibraltar of the East Mediterranean

Monemvasia is a small town located on a rock just in front of the coast of the Peloponnese, Greece. It is a lovely medieval town, with defensive walls and great views over the sea.

Aerial Viewing of Greece

The sea was sapphire coloured, and the sky
Burned like a heated opal through the air..
We hoisted sail.. the wind was blowing fair
For the blue lands that to the eastward lie.

Oscar Wilde

What You Need to Know About the One Thing That's Keeping Greek Banks Alive

The European Central Bank board is meeting today to discuss the emergency funding provided to Greek banks in the aftermath of yesterday's referendum result.

Without an increase in the size of the Emergency Liquidity Assistance (ELA) facility -- currently limited at €88.6 billion ($97.5 billion) -- Greek banks are likely to remain closed for some time yet.



After the Acropolis, Delphi is the most popular archaeological site in Greece. Only 180 kilometers away, a trip to Delphi  is by far the most popular day trip out of Athens.


They say it's the one essential Greek island and Santorini should not be missed. Take the ferry and sail into a giant volcanic caldera that is as dramatic, or more so, then the Grand Canyon.

Mini guide to the Peloponnese, Greece

The Peloponnese in southern Greece is the stuff legends are made of, literally. Here, Greek gods and heroes strutted their stuff in historical cities such as Ancient Olympia. The landscape is equally impressive

Επίδαυρος : Η Αρχαία Ελλάδα στα καλύτερα της

Το αρχαίο θέατρο της Επιδαύρου είναι το τελειότερο και πιο καλοδιατηρημένο αρχαίο θέατρο και αν σταθείς εκεί που παίζουν οι ηθοποιοί και αφήσεις να σου πέσει ένα πετραδάκι μπορείς να το ακούσεις στα ψηλά διαζώματα ,με την προυπόθεση βέβαια το θέατρο να μην είναι γεμάτο με τουρίστες 

Diros Caves,Laconia Photo trip .

 The boat trip through the Diros caves left me stunned by the spectacular images i saw .The Diros Caves are for me  one of the two or 3 most spectacular sites in Greece The  caves were one of the earliest inhabited places in Greece. 


There is a Greek joke about the people of Thessaloniki and their love of Halkidiki ( most of them have a countryside house there ).
A man from Thessaloniki dies and goes to heaven .A few days later St Peter finds him and asks him : So what do you think of heaven, wonderful isn't it ? Man it's OK but Halkidiki is better ....

Epidaurus : Ancient Greece at its best

The theater of Epidavros is the most perfect and best preserved of the ancient theaters and if you stand where the actors would have stood and drop a pebble, you can hear it on the top row, provided that the place is not full of tourists.


Between Ioαnnina and the Aoos river valley lies the wild, eminently scenic region of Zagσri, with 46 now rather depopulated villages, full of stone-built mansions built from the proceeds of 18th- and 19th-century wealth.

The stone comes from the limestone and flysch beds making up the cliffs and mountains overhead

Greek finance minister Gianis Varoufakis resigns

The Greek finance minister Gianis Varoufakis,perhaps the most popular member  of the governing Syriza party announced his resignation with a twitter message.
Shortly after the resounding 61 % referendum No vote Varoufakis wrote in his personal blog :


Δικαίωση: Τα νέα επεισόδια 121 - 122 - 123 - 124 - 125 (videos)

Η δημοφιλής σειρά της Ελληνικής τηλεόρασης φθάνει στο τέλος της και επιλέξαμε να σας δείξουμε τα τελευταία επεισόδια,έτσι για συλλεκτικούς λόγους...

My favourite Greek beaches

Most of you are certain to have typed the ''Top Greek Beaches'' ''Best Greek Beaches'' and so on in google search.
Results most probably came out with names such as the Porto Katsiki beach in Lefkas,Myrtos beach in Cephalonia,Koukounaries beach in Skiathos and so on ,all carrying Blue flags,medals and  the note of having been voted as the pick of the most beautiful Greek beaches.


I recently held a poll in this blog where readers ( mostly Greeks )  voted  their favorite small Greek island and it came as a  small surprise to me when  Symi topped Skopelos,Ios and Sifnos .
 I have never been to Symi and  i had to get some homework done  to find out why the blog readers voted what they did .

Spileo of Grevena in Northern Greece

Spileo in Grevena,Northern Greece is a mountain village with a population of 500. The villagers are mostly shepherds and farmers.From August 14-16 a festival celebrating Virgin Mary takes place featuring local folk bands.
The village attracts mountain climbers,extreme sports fans,canyoning and canoe kayak lovers mainly because of the famous Portitsa canyon nearby .


The Swiss  Fred Boissonas was a pioneer of photograhy and the first non-Greek to travel the country for about 3 decades,starting 1903.
He toured from the Peloponesse to Crete and mt Olympus and from Ithaca to Agion Oros,taking photos and writing about his journeys.


Vasilitsa ski resort in Greece

Reading Wiki one sees that :Vasilitsa is one of the best ski resorts in Greece. The ski center is located in the middle of Pindos , approximately 42km away from Grevena and 417km from Athens.


Hublot recreates a mysterious Greek 2,100-year-old clockwork relic - but why?

Why on Earth would you want to strap one of these to your wrist? It barely tells the time, and it can't take pictures, tweet or connect to your Facebook. In fact, very few people would have the faintest idea what it is, or why you'd want one at all. But for those that do recognize its intricate gears and dials, this tiny, complex piece of machinery tells a vivid and incredible tale.



Corfu is famous for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Some are long endless stretches of sand while others are sheltered coves

The north coast of Corfu is completely tourist infested and unless you care nothing about Greek culture and only about baking like a reptile on the beach all day and hitting the local pub at night you may want to steer clear in the summer months. But what the hell? If this is your idea of fun there is nothing wrong with that.